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Shadows Over Camelot

Shadows Over Camelot

By Days of Wonder


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 In Shadows over Camelot, players each take on the role of one of King Arthur's knights or King Arthur himself. At the same time, players are provided a Loyalty card - with one player potentially being the hidden Traitor. Quests are laid out across the board, with players needing to journey to each quest to complete them, taking time to rest in Camelot as they are injured. Each Quest completed provides additional sword tokens to indicate the progress of Light, while each quest fails brings the ending of the Golden Age closer.

On each player's turn, they may journey to a new Quest or try to complete the quest they are on. However, they must also decide whether to place a new siege engine around Camelot or draw more Black cards that will bring a new calamity - whether additional Saxons or Picts or reinforcements for the Black Knight, Dragon or Unholy Grail cards. 

As such, players are playing against the board in Shadows over Camelot and must work together to complete quests as quickly as possible, while watching out for the traitor that might lie in their midst. 

Age 10+
Players 3-7
Playing Time 90min
Designer Bruno Cathala

1 master gameboard
3 double-sided quest boards
16 swords of the Round Table
168 cards:
84 white cards
8 loyalty cards
76 black cards 
7 coats-of-arms
7 standard dice
1 8-sided die
1 rules booklet (including Days of Wonder access number)
1 book of quests
30 miniatures:
12 siege engines
3 relics
4 Saxon warriors
4 Pict warriors
7 knights

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