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River Dragons

River Dragons

By Matagot


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Description: In the Mekong delta, the bravest young people face each other in a famous contest where they have to cross the river by building bridges with planks and stones. To arrive safely on the opposite bank, care will have to be taken by avoiding your opponents and those pesky dragons.

In River Dragons, each player programs actions that will allow them to cross to the village opposite theirs. Players will place stones and planks, and move over and around their opponents in a race to the other side. Dragon cards can cancel out your actions, though, and a mis-timed jump can land you in the water, so be careful! This great family game has simple rules and plays very quickly, but offers lots of strategy for even the most experienced gamers.

Ages 08 and up
Designer Roberto Fraga
No. of players 2 - 6
Playing time 30 minutes
Year 2012
Country of Origin CA-1
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