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Bang: The Bullet

Bang: The Bullet

By dVGiochi


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In Bang : the Bullet, are you a Sheriff, Outlaw, Deputy or Renegade? Will you be the last man standing after high noon? In the game of Bang : the Bullet, the Western is given a whole new draw.

Bang! the Bullet is a special edition of the popular game which includes every BANG!™ card published to date, and a few new extras! Inside, you will find: 

  • BANG!™ - The basic game
  • High Noon™ - The first expansion
  • Dodge City™ - The second expansion
  • A Fistful of Cards™ - The third expansion

Also two new cards for High Noon™ and three special characters!

In addition, Bang! the Bullet includes two blank cards for your own creations, and a special gift: a shiny new Sheriff's badge!


Ages 08 and up
Designer Emiliano Sciarra
No. of players 3 - 7+
Playing time 30 minutes
Year 2007
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